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    Solar power system booklet
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Solar Photovoltaic Power Supply System

The extensive application of generating solar power can provide long term economic and environmental benefits, to us and our community.

Large scale solar power on-grid system :
For application in industries and independent power producers.

Solar Photovoltaic Power Generating On-Grid System :
For application in residential homes, office, hotel, etc .

The above systems are able to generate electricity during day time and though the proposed government incentive, Feed in Tariff ( F.I.T ), energy producers will be able to sell electricity to TNB at an attractive rate. This government incentive will eventually lead to the widespread use of clean energy to power our homes and industries.

Other uses of photovoltaic generated power :
In isolated areas, power generated can be used to drive pumps to draw in much needed water for local communities.

Examples of Solar Generated Electricity For Application In :

Bangalows                                  Independent Power Plant 

Electricity Industries                   Bird Nest Production 

Fishery                                       Military Installation 

Remote Communication Base    Advertisement Billboards 

School And Colleges                  Street Light  

Garden Light                               Bus Stop