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    Facebook page
    We have establish a facebook page, please feel free to visit our page for more info. Simply click the link down below Facebook Page .. more
  • [19/Jul/2013]
    Solar power system booklet
    Now our solar power system booklet can be downloaded via online, simply just click the link down below : more


Company Overview

Introduction To Clean, Renewable Solar Energy

With ever rising demand on use of fossil fuels by our energy hungry society, our only earth that we all live in, is increasingly depleted with these scarce resources, and is polluted with the by-products arising from these activities.

With advances made in the field of producing renewable solar energy, WSL ENERGY ENGINEERING S/B would like to introduce our range of renewable solar energy related products for use in your homes, factories, hotels, schools, public parks, highways etc, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emission and creating a clean environment, thus preserving our forest, air and water resources.

WSL ENERGY is committed to superior products and service excellence.

  • Outstanding Design
  • Proven Technology
  • High Quality
  • Professional Work and Advise
  • Lighting Solutions




Be a well known company providing quality green technology services and products, meeting all customer's needs.


Providing quality green technology services and products thus preserving the environment by reducing carbon emission.