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LED Tracklight

WSL LED tracks light are designed low profile and adjustable recessed luminaries that can be
used for spotlighting anything from works of art to merchandise in shop.


Product Information

- High Brightness          - 100lm/w. 11 times brighter than incandescent lamps 
- Long Life span           - Up to 50,000 hours
- Robust Design            - Shock and vibration resistant 
- Eco-Friendly              -  No leads, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases 
- More economical        - reduce maintenance and low electricity cost. Save 
                                     50% - 70% electricity cost when compared using 
                                     tradition sodium and mercury lamp                 
- High Efficiency           - Power factor>90%. 
- Excellent Photometric Design - No ill glare, or frequent flashes 
- Perfect Combination With Solar Energy 
- Proven technology  
- No interruption for damage to existing facilities
- No maintenance required 
- No utility expenses 
- Better performance as compared to conventional


WSL VT3-01030 (6W) ,01031 (12W)-LED Magnetic Track Bar

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WSL VT3-01001 (10W) , 2 (20W) , 3 (12W) , 4 (24W)-LED MAGNETIC Track Light - DC 48V

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Tracklight-7W-LED Tracklight

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Tracklight-7W-LED Tracklight

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Tracklight-12w-LED Tracklight

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Tracklight-7w-LED Tracklight

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